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General ordering info

Before ordering we would like to remind you that the on-line ordering process is automated and secure. Consequently, orders placed on-line are processed more quickly than those submitted by fax. To avoid any unnecessary delays we strongly recommend placing your order on-line.

After filling and sending our order form, you will receive your registration code via email. You have to enter the code to the register form of your program. You can get the form by clicking "Register" from the Help menu.

Did you know...

When you order our product, you get unlimited free technical support by e-mail and all product's future versions and improvements for free! In other words, you will never be charged for product upgrades.


Secure on-line ordering

We use ShareIt! registration service for secure processing orders. The ordering page is on a secure server, ensuring that your information remains confidential. All transactions are processed via the secure SSL protocol. In other words, all information will be encrypted before transmission to prevent possible interception by a third party.

You can pay with any common credit card. Other methods, such as wire transfer, check, and PayPal, are also available. Just select the product you want to buy and fill out the on-line order form.

When you have placed your order and we have received it from our well-known and highly respected partner, ShareIt!, you will get your registration code and instructions via email within 24 hours.

Please note: If you have any problems with ordering the products, please read the Customer Care Center FAQ. Please also feel free to contact us for more help.


Advanced FileTimer

The registration fee: EUR 19.95 / USD 19.95
EU residents: EUR 23.74 / USD 23.74 (incl. 19% VAT)



The registration fee: EUR 14.95 / USD 14.95
EU residents: EUR 17.79 / USD 17.79 (incl. 19% VAT)



The registration fee: EUR 19.95 / USD 19.95
EU residents: EUR 23.74 / USD 23.74 (incl. 19% VAT)


Advanced FileTimer + Drive + Remove

Get 55% off: For a limited time, we are now offering Advanced FileTimer, Drive, and Remove all-in-one for an incredible price of USD 29.95. This is a 55% discount!

The registration fee: EUR 54.85 / USD 54.85
EU residents: EUR 65.27 / USD 65.27 (incl. 19% VAT)

The registration fee: EUR 29.95 / USD 29.95
EU residents: EUR 35.64 / USD 35.64 (incl. 19% VAT)


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