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Advanced FileTimer, version 2.10   NEW!

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Advanced FileTimer (formerly known as FileTime) is a tiny power user tool for modifying date and time stamps of your files. This utility can repair incorrect file dates by altering the time and date of selected files.

You can use the current time and date settings, set your own time/date or add/subtract days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the original time stamps of files.

Do you want more control over your files, such as photos?

Have you ever had plenty of files with incorrect time stamps? Maybe you still have thousands of photographs or other image files which have been taken 30 days, 15 hours, and 24 minutes after the current date stamped on the files?

When using Advanced FileTimer, you can make the time stamps equal with the date your photos were actually taken.

Version maintenance issues

Setting the modified date and time is a commonly used method of version stamping files. For example, a software developer may wish to stamp all files in a finished application.

Advanced FileTimer can quickly stamp a group of files with an identical date and time before the files are distributed all over the world. Now it is easy to set one or more filetimes to reflect the latest version of your product.

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System requirements

Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system
less than 1 MB free hard disk space
Microsoft Windows compatible mouse
file Comctl32.ocx (version 6.00.8105 or later)
file Msstdfmt.dll (version 6.01.9782 or later)
file Msvbvm60.dll (version 6.00.9782 or later)

Using the program

Before selecting files to modify you can select the date and time stamp for the files you want to modify. If you want, you are allowed to use the current time and date settings, too.

On the other hand, you are also able to add (or subtract) days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the time stamp on your files. For example, if you have incorrect time stamps on your image files, you can make the time stamps equal with the date the photos were actually taken.

To modify a file's date and time stamp, you have to select the file whose date and time stamp you want to modify. You can select one or more files. Use the mouse to select the files from the file lists. There are "Select All" and "Deselect" commands available to make your job easier.

Once the file has been found, just left- or right-click it and click "Modify". When you have clicked the button, the application updates the date and time stamps of each file. The files are immediately updated. In some cases Windows does not set a file's modified date to be an odd number of seconds.

Please note there are no undo commands available!

History of program

Version 2.10 (21 Jun 2008)

fixed several bugs which caused problems when selecting and modifying files
modified the user interface a bit
fixed the size problem of the program icon used in the "About Advanced FileTimer" window

Version 2.01 (27 Jul 2004)

renamed the program (formerly known as FileTime) because the future version 3.00 will have lots of new, unique features
fixed a minor bug which caused problems for some users of the trial version (FileTime v2.00 only)
modified all program windows and re-organized the Help menu
improved the registration and ordering systems
changed the program icon
updated and modified the documentation
the unregistered trial version will expire after 14 calendar days

FileTime, version 2.00 (19 Apr 2002)

added a new feature: you are able to add or subtract days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the time stamp on your files
added a feature: you are able to choose and modify more than one files at the same time
modified the user interface and keyboard shortcuts
modified the date and time information displayed on the "Modified" column (current format is "yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss")
added new command buttons "Select All" and "Deselect", instead of that the button "Exit" has been removed
added a new View menu and moved "Refresh" menu command to it
re-organized the Help menu
modified the "About FileTime" window and hyperlinks of it
updated the copyright and author's contact information
re-written the whole documentation, included more information of using the program and much more
first version distributed as Shareware

FileTime, version 1.00 Freeware (26 Dec 2001)

first public release

Download free trial

Advanced FileTimer, version 2.10 (21 Jun 2008)

You are allowed to use this program as a trial version, then after you have evaluated it you must purchase a license. You may not use it unregistered for more than 14 days.

File size: 35 KB     Downloads: 1,914

Orders and pricing

When you buy a license for Advanced FileTimer, you will get unlimited technical support and future versions and improvements for free!

Advanced FileTimer

The registration fee: EUR 19.95 / USD 19.95
EU residents: EUR 23.74 / USD 23.74 (incl. 19% VAT)


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